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Since April 24th 2015 these people have supported our Straw Bale Nest campaign:

Christian Gruetzmacher

Seth Jordan

Linda Michaels

Melody Brink

Kirsten Germann

Tabitha Frilsham

Alejandro Jaraw

Laura Summer


Lila Schwair

Seun Moses

Monika Konz Mackenzie

Mischa Saunders

Mike Grenville

Scarlett Mehigan

Diego Barraza

Lien Van Laere

Travis Henry

Jean Steele

Lorelin Lateur

Lourdes Callen

Udo Eimermacher

Bronia Evers

Simon Casciano

Sarah Marquard

Georgia Keal

Tom Ravetz

Jeroen and Ann

Finn McGavin

Una Archer

Nicki Lloyd

Barry Durdan-Hollamby

Mary Joy Johnson

Ioonah Wood

Annie Blampied



Brigitte De Diepold

Lindy Mitchell

Alicia Mitchell

Catherine Higgins

Tina Sieber

Sarah Neal

Susie Yau

Irene Lorenzen

Steve Briault


Marian Robertson

Sarah Hearn

Ianthe Lauwaert

Luc Lauwaert

Ve Duchamps

Hanne D'Hulster

Roi Gal-Or

Healing Words Storytellers

Abilagil Dancey

Jen Zimberg

Gini Mags

Marianne Von Oven Alsop



Rafael Poza

Pricila and Jean Marc Albisetti


Kenny Coffey

Angela Risner


Alethea Mifsud

Marcus Geimer

Sara Parilli

Raquel Cestari

Lisellot Karlsson-Selén

Meaghan Witri

Halyley Burtenshaw

Henk Cayman

Charlie Kane

An Evening for Gifting

Joy de Berker

Jasminaj Obratov

Melanie Lauwaert

John Orbell

Abbile Palache

Amabel Clarke


Danyah Miller


Trefor Wickens

Doran Scotson

Linda Scotson

Angela Cambell

Freja Elnerud

Sarah S Deco

Paul Matthews

Minty Samways

Mary Samways

Tistria Henshall

Pat and Fredo

Juli Segal

Hannah Roberts

The Sussex Anthropsophical Society

All the donors who wished to stay anonymous.

All the people who have given donations at events we organized, markets and fairs we were

present at and through the doorknocking tours we did in Forest Row.  

All donors of whom we don't know the names. 

All the local shops in Forest Row and East grinstead who have shown their support by giving

a voucher for our reversed auction at our Midsummer Community Celebration and Benefit.

All people who sponsored Doran's run for us.  

All the parents, volunteers and friends of our setting.

Special thanks to:

The Seasons organic fruit, vegetables and wholesale, for their support.


Wolf in the Woods Storytelling

and Lindy Lady of the Forest

for their continuous support and beautiful stories for community building.


Doran and Linda Scotson and Angela Cambell for their heartwarming support.

The Sussex Anthroposophical Society for their donation of £2.000 and for their continuous support. 

Vija Docherty for the beautiful artwork for the posters and our logo.

Orchard Eggs,

for donating


worth in

straw bales


Tablehurst Farm

for their friendship.

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