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   The International School of Storytelling


A storyteller is more than a teller of tales. Storytellers are entertainers, teachers and healers with a long spiritual tradition. To be true to this tradition requires ongoing renewal and inspiration. We are all made of stories, some which serve our development and others which hinder us. The destiny and future of our world depends on the stories we believe and follow.





A wonderful and inspiring organisation that is part of our community is the International School of Storytelling. It is a Charity that has existed since 1994 to spread the skills, delights and insights of storytelling to people all over the world.


"The School works with adults from the age of 18 – 79 (our oldest student so far) who come from all walks of life: teachers and therapists, consultants and accountants, policemen and parents, nurses and nature guides, even a Mother Superior! Many of them are in transition times in their lives. We work with people from all kinds of religious and ethnic backgrounds in over 12 different countries to date and the people who train with us become dynamic storytellers. They use the skills they have learnt to enrich their teaching of children, help the elderly with remembering their lives and accompany the dying, found storytelling clubs and community circles, use storytelling in mediation and in places of war and conflict, run projects for teenagers, become professional performers, take people on story walks into the landscape and open up its wonders, use stories in their therapeutic practice to help others live the life they want, ensoul and inspire work places and also, grow to understand themselves better through the innate wisdom of the stories themselves.


The School offers many different courses in storytelling, focussing on different aspects of the art. The flagship course is a full time, 3 month, intensive professional training that prepares you to go into the world and work as a storyteller in a wide variety of fields. It is also a bright fire to light up your creativity, to come to know yourself in new ways. This journey, both playful and profound, is a path of inner development and transformation, through working intimately with the greatest teachers of humanity – Stories!"


Besides the 3 months course there are several other longer and many more shorter courses. Take a look at their website to find out more:

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