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The story of Robin's Nest

Robin's Nest was founded in 2012 when Hannah Roberts and Una Archer were inspired to provide a home away from home childcare setting where parents would be able to access affordable Waldorf-inspired childcare as well as support for the family.

Originally housed in an old cottage on the grounds of Emerson College (read more about the college here) the impulse was to cultivate community through the festivals, study groups and talks. We started very small with just one child and organically grew into a constellation of twelve children between the ages of 15 months and 6 years old. With 2 groups of children we weaved our practice together, providing a rhythmical balance of domestic work, craft and play.

In 2014 we had to rehouse and with a committed, strong and creative parent body we decided to create our own dwellings, which suited more our model and could be the new model from which to teach out of. If we are teaching sustainable education then surely the way we create our future should reflect upon this. As a temporary solution we rehoused ourselves in a yurt, which with the help of our parent body, was set up in five weeks during the summer holidays. We cleared a piece of land at Emerson College, bought an organic handmade yurt from Cornwall and began building the foundations for the yurt, hurdling fences and creating compost toilets. In September 2014 we moved into the yurt and began our Autumn term in our cosy new dwelling.

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