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Baby and Parenting Groups

The Robin’s Nest Baby and Parenting Groups provide spaces for parents to connect and share with one another and experience their little ones. As gently guided spaces, the groups can provide valuable support for parents and carers, as well as introduce Waldorf education and Robin’s Nest as an Early Years Setting.


Providing the space to support parents on their parenting journey and children in their development from pregnancy to Kindergarten readiness, these parenting groups offer healthy, nourishing attitudes and approaches that can be brought back into the home.

Leading the Baby Groups, Una Archer is a qualified Waldorf Early Years practitioner. Una is also an Early Years consultant and runs workshops in which she works deeply with connection between mother and child while raising awareness of child pedagogy in the formative years. 


Running the Parenting Group, Eva Gonzalez is an experienced Waldorf Early Years practitioner that has been working with children for over 10 years. As a mother of three, Eva brings an intuitive wisdom and down to earth honesty to her group.

The groups run during normal term times.

To register your interest or join one of the groups, please email us at

Mum and Baby Groups

For mums with babies (up to steady steps) and expectant mums

Tuesdays, 9:30 - 11:15

Tuesdays, 12:15 - 14:00

Led by Una Archer


The Baby Groups provide the space to help you tune into your motherly wisdom, bond with your unborn baby, take guidance from your newborn, and watch your little one grow. Each meeting provides time for:


  • Sharing your journey and your questions. It makes most sense to learn to mother in the company of other mothers. We will draw on each other’s experiences and wisdom. Hearing what other mothers are going through and the choices they are making will help you find your own path.

  • Quietly observing the babies. Mothers are busy – there is so much to do and so much think about. These quiet 10 minutes of sitting back and simply watching your baby can fill you with delight, awe and inspiration.

  • Exploring practical theory about supporting your baby’s secure attachment. Secure attachment provides strong roots for all healthy development.  Our generation of mothers is incredibly lucky to have easy access to information that allows them to nurture the secure attachment through countless daily encounters.

Your baby is slowly discovering what it is to be their own person, what they can expect from other people and the environment. You are doing you best to help your baby:


  • Experience themselves as resourceful, competent and comfortable in their own skin

  • Trust that they are understood; their needs and feelings are important and can be shared with other people

  • Feel that the world is a safe place for them to connect with and explore


These are the healthy blueprints they will carry with them into all future relationships and circumstances. We will look into simple and practical ways to create emotional/physical conditions and ways of caring that support the beautiful unfolding of your babies.

Expectant mums are also welcome to join the group as it is a wonderful way to start the parenting journey from the very beginning. Pregnancy and early months of motherhood is the time of enormous change: your body is changing, you are experiencing new depths of emotion, you are adjusting your space, life plans and all of your relationships. In the midst of it all, there is a new life, quietly unfolding inside you.

Parenting Group

For mums and children from steady steps until they are ready for Kindergarten

Tuesdays, 9:30 – 11:30

Led by Eva Gonzalez


As a group for children from 1.5 years, the Robin’s Nest Parenting Group provides a nourishing environment for parent and child. Working from an understanding that parenting is a journey, the group aims to empower parents to tune into their knowledge of what their child needs for a healthy development. The meetings provide time for parents to connect and share in their parenting journey.


The needs of both parent and child are met in the space “between form and freedom.” With seasonal crafts, baking, puppet shows and ample time for free play, the rhythm of the morning mirrors that of the Kindergarten. Times of activity are balanced with stories and rest.

The group is run from the Robin’s Nest yurt, where the soft colours, natural materials, and ample wooden toys invite imaginative play, and our proximity to nature, beautiful garden and chicken coop offer an extraordinary connection to and exploration of the natural world. The group’s setting provides the safe place where the young child can come to terms with its own physicality and learn to gain control over its body and environment.


“Parent and Child groups provide a profound perspective on child development, out of which a broader understanding of the challenges facing parenting today can emerge, as well as new creative means for support.” –Dorothy Marlen (EY consultant and trainer)

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