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Emerson College is a centre of education for adults that addresses the need for human approaches to today’s urgent questions. It provides opportunities for learning and transformation through education, practical initiatives, research and community building. Emerson's aim is to develop, practice and share ways of working and living that encourage free thinking, imagination and responsibility in the world. 

Robin's Nest is housed on the Emerson premises. 


Tablehurst Farm is an organic and biodynamic community farm, vegetable garden, farm shop and cafe.

The children of Robin's Nest used to visit the farm on a weekly basis, until the farm gifted them their own piece of land to grow on. Robin's Nest supports the yearly lambing events at the farm by offering crafts and running the cake stall.

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The Christian Community is an independent community centered around the seven sacramanets. The community in Forest Row offers monthly children services, called the Little Ones Gathering, and Hannah is involved in organising the seasonal festivals for children at the church. 

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